Our A team were home to a tough Carlisle B team on Saturday. Despite some stiff resistance, our A team managed to overpower the visitors, dropping only half a point.

Holden, on board 2, met tough opposition in the form of Ian Mackay, who has upset many a strong player in the past but not today. Holden keeps up his 100% win rate with 6/6.

Board 4 saw Lewis playing his pet Polish Opening against a quickly improving, James Ovens, who has increased his rating by 85 points over this season. Lewis, however, knocked it back a bit by winning the game.

Jacob was up against the vastly experienced, George Glover, on board 1. George had a strong attack on Jacob’s f7 pawn but after a few minutes thought, Jacob found a defence and managed to turn the tables and win the game.

Board 3 was Alan Hiatt playing white against Alice and despite all her effort, Alan managed to hold on for a draw.

So, an emphatic 3½-½ victory, extending Penrith A’s lead at the top of the table.

Meanwhile, our B team were playing host to Maryport C, a team of inexperienced but nevertheless, worthy opponents.

Andy finished first with a win against James Todd, on board 4. James managed to get his queen trapped on move 16 and resigned.

Andrei kept up his impressive run of wins, this time against Neil Druggan on board 2.

On board 3, Steve beat Maryport captain, Andy Pringle.

Eggert, with black on board 1, held, an on form, Tommy Wilson to a draw.

So, our B team matched our A team’s score and are now level with Maryport A in second place in the table.

The current League Table looks like this: