Club Competitions

club championship

,The Club Championship is ‘standard play’ (1 hour or over time control) which is run as a 7 round ‘Swiss’ competition. Each round is allocated a time period of about 6 weeks in which to play the games. Games are usually played at the club on a Wednesday evening but can be played anywhere, any time. Players drawn with the white pieces must contact their opponent to arrange the game.

The pairings for the fourth round are displayed below. The dates, which are displayed below each round, are the dates by which the round is to be completed and any unplayed games will, without good reason, be defaulted in favour of black. White needs to contact their opponent within 4 weeks of the pairings being drawn to avoid losing by default. White has until February 1st to contact their opponent, even if it’s to say that they won’t be available for a while. If you don’t then your opponent can claim a win by default. So, don’t wait until you know when you can play and if that might be after the deadline, tell me, I will, within reason, extend your deadline but if you don’t tell me, you will lose by default.

Andrei played Jacob last night and looked, to me, to be winning but that just shows you what I know because Jacob managed to win Andrei’s queen in the endgame time scramble. Jacob’s win puts him a clear point ahead of the field with only two rounds to go.

The draw for round 5 is below and as usual, white to contact black ASAP to arrange the game. We have about 7 weeks to get this round finished.

……………Andy McAtear 18th April 2024

club Knockout

thtThe Penrith Club Knockout is, as the title says, a knockout competition played at 1 hour each on the clock. The winner will progress to the next round, the loser is knocked out of the competiton. If the game is drawn, then you will play another game with colours reversed and if that game is a draw, there will be 30 minute rapidplay games, again with colours reversed. If after the rapidplay there is no winner after two games, an ‘Armageddon’ game (6 minutes for white and 5 minutes for black but black need only draw to win the game) will be played with colours decided at random. So, bear in mind the possibility of several games to be played by the deadline and contact your opponent early.

Ciso is through to the semis after Fred’s withdrawal and now faces Jacob. The completion date for this round is June 7th.

The date above the round in the table below, is the date by which the round must be completed. In this and subsequent rounds, colours will be decided at the board with a coin toss. There is a possibility that your game will end in a draw, so please take that into account and leave enough time to play rematches before the deadline.

In this and subsequent rounds, it is the player on top of the pairings, in the table below, that should contact their opponent to arrange the game.

………………Andy McAtear 14th April 2024

club ladder

The Ladder is ‘rapid play’ (over 10 minutes and under 1 hour time control). There are many ways to run a ladder competition but these are our rules:

1) Anyone can challenge anyone.

2) The player on the higher rung has black in the first game and colours alternate thereafter.

3) The time control is 30 minutes all the moves.

4) The higher placed player must win or draw to retain their position on the ladder. If they lose, they drop one rung and their opponent takes their original rung.

5) The player on top at the end of the season (July 31st) will receive the trophy for one year….but, after every third session there is a time-out, anyone who hasn’t played a game since the previous time-out will drop one rung and be replaced by someone who has played. 

Just the one game played On Wednesday. Yousef, having just joined the Ladder, lost to Steve, so no change in positions. This week was, however, a timeout week and this resulted in one or two interesting changes. Andrei moved up 7 rungs!! Though perhaps the most interesting is that Eggert was pushed off the top rung by Richard.

All results and current positions below:

…………….Andy McAtear 12th April 2024

Club Quick Ladder

By popular demand, we have started a Quick Ladder competition. The rules are the same as the Rapid-play Ladder but with 15 minutes, instead of half an hour, to play all the moves.

A couple of games played this week causing changes in positions and as this week was a timeout week, there were even more dramatic changes. Again, Eggert has been deposed, being replaced at the top by Dave Siddall. Cameron Savage, despite not playing the last couple of weeks, has moved up 3 and a couple of others have move up 1 rung.

Positions and all results below:

……………..Andy McAtear 12th April 2024

blitz championship

The Blitz Championship is, as the name suggests, a blitz (all the moves in 10 minutes or less) all play all competition. The time control is 4 minutes plus 6 seconds per move. Each match must be won by 2 games in order to pick up 1 match point. As some matches can last many games, they need not be finished in one session, colours are recorded, along with the score, so that interrupted matches can continue where they left off.

Just one game this week; Dave Siddall took just one game to complete his match against yours truly (Andy), to get a match point on the board.

…………..Andy McAtear 12th April 2024

N.B All competition games played between ECF members will be sent for rating.