Penrith B made the long journey to Barrow on Saturday, for a 3 board match that, if they won, would have put them on top of the table for Christmas but with Matthew Mackenzie on board 1 for Barrow, our B team weren’t over confident.

Sadly, the match didn’t start so well for our B team when Steve, on board 3, dropped a piece early in the opening, giving Alan Llewellyn a big advantage which he never relinquished.

Meanwhile, our young board 2, Andrei, won his game with black against a strong, Russ Hayley, after capitalising on an early mistake by Russ.

Our board 1, Eggert, had the dubious pleasure of playing Matthew but had come out of the opening very well and started to plan an attack on Matthew’s king’s position. Eggert’s attack was so strong that, by move 38, he had 45 minutes left on the clock, to Matthew’s 6 minutes but here Eggert couldn’t find the winning continuation and after missing several opportunities to win the game, Eggert was forced to exchange down to a lost endgame.

So the match could have ended in our favour but sadly, it didn’t. Penrith B are still tied for first place with our A team, Maryport A and now, Barrow. See below for the latest table: