A shortage of regular B team players meant that our B team had to be made up with a couple of our A team regulars. Jacob and Alice joined Michael and Steve against title contenders, Maryport A.

The match started promptly at 1 pm and by 2 pm, our B team were a point ahead. Roger Hart’s Blackmar–Diemer Gambit against Jacob on board 1, did not have the desired affect as Jacob delivered checkmate on move 30.

Alice, on board 2, met stiffer resistance in the form of Greg Millar and the advantage of the first move was not enough to secure her the full point.

Another Penrith win, this time for Michael against Tommy Wilson on board 3, was enough to put the result beyond doubt.

On board 4, Steve was up against the very solid Ian Stone and despite having a slight advantage, Steve didn’t feel that he had enough time left on his clock to convert it into a win and so settled for a draw.

This win means that Penrith B finish the season ahead of Carlisle A in the table. More importantly, it means that Penrith have won the double again!…or if you count the ‘Wooden Spoon’, the treble 🙂

The final League table looks like this: