With the majority of January weekends fully booked, the C team match, away to Maryport B, was arranged for Tuesday January 9th at 6 pm.

As C teams go, we didn’t have a bad team and Maryport B had three players who have yet to get an established rating but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t play chess. The match got under way just after 6 pm and it wasn’t too long before we realised that we were up against it.

Board 4 was first to succumb when Dave, having used up most of his time, miscalculated a combination to go a rook down to Neil Druggan. Shortly after, Dave, on board 1, lost to Ian Stone, who has been a stalwart Maryport player for some time, after a tough game. Next to finish was board 3 when I resigned after Conner Gorman winkled my king out of his safe haven, driving him into a mating net, though it did look as if I still had a bit of play. Meanwhile, Steve’s opponent, Tommy Wilson, had just exchanged a rook for two minor pieces. Steve could probably have handled two knights against his rook but Tommy’s pawn on Steve’s 3rd rank, was to prove too expensive to stop.

So, a whitewash which puts our C team firmly on the bottom of the table. See below for the latest table: