Though they didn’t have far to go, our A team were away to Penrith B, yesterday. 

As we had 10 players wanting to play, the match was played over 5 boards but despite our A team having the higher rating on all boards, this didn’t didn’t work out in their favour.

All the games looked pretty even but none of them ended in a draw. First blood went to the B team when Steve, white on board 4, mounted a ferocious attack against Dave Siddall’s king which Dave couldn’t defend without heavy loss of material. Our B team went 2 up when Andrei inflicted Dave McMath’s first loss of the season, on board 5. Holden pulled one back for the A team, after beating Lewis’ Polish Opening on board 2. Alice then levelled the score line with a win against Michael on board 3. The match result now depended on the outcome of board 1 between Jacob and Eggert. Jacob was the exchange down in a very tactical game but he did have the bishop pair on a fairly open board. Sadly, for our A team, Jacob’s bishop pair wasn’t enough and eventually, Eggert won the game and the match for Penrith B.

Our B team are now joint leaders with our A team and Maryport A who beat their B team.

The latest league table looks like this: