Our A team were at home again this week, this time their opponents were, title rivals, Carlisle A. 

The start was delayed by 15 minutes while Carlisle captain, Alan Hiatt, contacted their absent board 1, Roy Ellames. Roy was under the impression that the match was on Sunday. Fortunately for Carlisle, Paul Rivers, Carlisle captain, had inadvertently asked 5 players for this match so, as 4 players had turned up, George who was going to spectate, now had a game to play but, as Roy would have been board 1 for Carlisle, Stephen Barnes had to move up a board.

Board 4 was first to finish when Dave McMath over powered Alan Little to put Penrith a point ahead. Holden put a second point on the score sheet after beating an on form George Glover. A draw for Dave Siddall, on board 3 with black against Alan Hiatt, was enough to ensure a home victory. Jacob, on board 1, also got a draw with black against twice Cumbria Champion, Stephen Barnes. Stephen opened with the King’s Gambit, the same opening that Matthew Mackenzie played against Jacob two weeks ago but Stephen varied on his 5th move and Jacob got the same result as he did against Matthew.

By winning 3 – 1, our A team take a clear lead in the table and put our B team above Carlisle A.

The latest league table looks like this: