Penrith C, on their league debut, had a taste of what’s likely to come in the league, at the hands of their club mates, Penrith B. Boards 3 and 4 didn’t last too long before Eggert beat Dave H on board 4 and Lewis beat his dad on board 3 (no respect these days). 

Lewis, Dave H and I decided it was time for a pint but we’d barely finished our first pint when Steve came through to the bar asking if he should accept a draw on board 2. I said, in not so many words, that he should play on if he was in no danger of losing as we need every point we could get. Eventually though, the game ended in a draw, which in hindsight, was a good result as it prevented us from getting a whitewash.

Meanwhile, Michael was fighting valiantly against Dave S on board 1 but Dave eventually got the upper hand after winning a piece and with two pieces against one in the endgame, Dave eventually won the game.

So commiserations C team and congratulations B team who are now top of the table.

The latest league table looks like this (doesn’t look right with our A team on the bottom):