Two Penrith teams travelled to Maryport yesterday and while one was expecting an easy victory, the other was expecting certain defeat.

Penrith A were against Maryport C, a team of less experienced players than our A team but nevertheless, gave our players a hard time. Board 4 was first to finish when Andrei checkmated Kyle Drinkwater with his knight and queen. Board 1 was next with a win by Holden over Tommy Wilson. Holden had an attack against Tommy’s king but decided that it wasn’t the easiest route to victory so abandoned his attack in favour of exchanging off all the pieces, leaving an easy king and pawns endgame. Board 2 finished shortly after with a win by Eggert over team captain, Andy Pringle. Board 3, between Dave McMath and James Todd, lasted quite a bit longer as, although Dave had a strong attack, James put up stiff resistance but eventually, Dave broke through.

So, an excellent result for our A team but against Maryport C, victory wasn’t quite as easy as they had expected. 

Meanwhile, the boot was on the other foot for our C team. Up against the vast experience of Maryport A, defeat felt inevitable but despite that, our C team put on a brave face and put their best foot forward.

Board 4 was first to finish when Dave Hood, a piece down and under attack, threw in the towel. Some time later, Lewis on board 1 against the vastly experienced, Roger Hart, resigned as Roger had managed to secure his pieces on unshakeable outposts on Lewis’ side of the board, leaving him with no safe moves to make. I managed to break the trend with a draw against current Cumbria Champion, Greg Millar, on board 3 after Greg, with a queen and knight against my queen and bishop and five pawns each, offered a draw which I was happy to take. Steve, on board 2, was now in an endgame with a pawn advantage against Neil Jones but then, somehow, Steve managed to win Neil’s bishop and so found himself with a bishop and rook against Neil’s lone rook. Neil did, however, manage to pick off most of Steve’s pawns but not the one that counted and when Steve attacked Neil’s lone, defenceless pawn, Neil resigned. So, well done Steve, for securing the only win for our C team.

The current League Table looks like this: